Triplex for Sale in Long Beach CA

Reasons to Invest in Triplex for Sale in Long Beach CA

Triplex for sale in Long Beach CA offers a combination of livability, design, quality, and excellent investment property. The city of Long Beach has boasted a high demand from residential and commercial tenants over the past years, particularly its multi-family real estate sector, which continuously experiences healthy growth. On the city level, multi-family homes in Long Beach are making more monthly rental income and have a higher cap rate and cash-on-cash return than those in Los Angeles. Triplex, a type of multi-family home, is one of the sought-after housing types among homebuyers and investors in Long Beach. A triplex is a multi-family housing that includes three separate living units. It can be one or more stories tall, depending on the building’s layout. A triplex apartment building can also be connected to other units or buildings, like row houses and townhomes. Triplexes are often purchased for investment purposes, and this is typically the reason why someone will look to buy them. For homebuyers or investors, a triplex in Long Beach can be among the largest units you will find on the market.

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Triplexes in Long Beach

A triplex for sale in Long Beach is considered one of the city’s most high-earning real estate properties. Available triplex properties in the Long Beach real estate market are priced with starting points of $599,000 up to $3.5 million. These triplexes feature open floor plan concepts, with two to twelve bedrooms and two to six bathrooms, and most units are move-in ready. Long Beach triplexes are very well maintained, with some units remodeled by homeowners before selling to the market to feature modern-day amenities. Several triplex for sale in Long Beach are designed with original refinished red oak floors or laminated, tiled, or vinyl flooring. Most triplexes are also fully-furnished with top-notch appliances, including a dishwasher, gas stove, stainless steel sink, refrigerator, garbage disposal, and gas floor heater. Currently, among the most desirable coastal communities to reside in, Long Beach is also the most affordable city in southern California. If you’ve been waiting to purchase a home, the triplexes for sale in Long Beach are worth consideration.

Advantages of Triplex for Sale in Long Beach CA

A triplex resembles an apartment in some ways. However, its amenities make it feel more like a house. A triplex apartment is desirable as there are many advantages of residing in such accommodation. Enumerated below are other benefits you can get from triplex homes:

  1. Privacy – Triplexes in Long Beach are spacious, providing space to carry out affairs privately within house premises. Moreover, residing in a triplex means you will not have as many neighbors to deal with.
  2. Ample Space – Triplex units are some of the biggest ones on the market. They are preferred by families since they are typically larger than typical rental units.
  3. Amenities. Triplex typically has desirable features, including in-unit laundry, garages, terraces, balconies, patios, porches, and in some cases, garage spaces.
  4. Income Return. Triplex gives better rental yields, although it is expensive, by renting it out. Homeowners can create a high rent income while also paying off their existing mortgage if homeowners decide to rent out the flats.
  5. Option of residing in one of the apartments – Triplex for sale in Long Beach CA gives potential homeowners a choice of living in one unit while renting out the others. By doing this, the rental property will continue to provide an income and a place to live.

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