Terra Serena Luna

The Lovely Terra Serena Luna Neighborhood in Milpitas

Terra Serena Luna is a charming residential community in Milpitas, California. The condo portfolio of the neighborhood comes in a wide range of sizes, layouts, and pricing points. It can offer potential homebuyers a variety of attractive design options to choose from. Terra Serena Luna is a tranquil and well-established neighborhood founded in 2007, offering every homeowner a laid-back yet elegant lifestyle. Most of the dwellings accessible in Terra Serena Luna Milpitas are quaint and pleasant yet come with a costly price tag. Townhouses, condo units, or high-rise apartments make up the majority of the real estate market of the neighborhood, with room configurations often spanning from studio type to two bedrooms. On the other hand, apartment units and high-rise flats in the area often have at least three or four-bedroom capacities. Most residential properties in the community have a high concentration of more recently-built residences, giving more options for those looking for new and freshly-constructed homes in the Milpitas area.

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Terra Serena Luna: A Wonderful Family-Friendly Community in Milpitas

Young couples or growing families will love the warm and homey atmosphere across Terra Serena Luna Milpitas. It is one of the best family-friendly communities in the city, perfect for raising a family. The neighborhood is located a few minutes from many stellar schools in Milpitas, giving them the opportunity for excellent learning and high-quality education. Kids are provided with an atmosphere that is conducive to learning and will help them prepare for the real world ahead of them. Aside from that, those looking for career growth and different job opportunities will have an array of options to choose from in the surrounding area. The adjacent districts near Terra Serena Luna provide a wealth of employment options across various fields for those interested.

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