Williamsburg VA Zip Code

Different Williamsburg VA Zip Code

Like every area in a state, Williamsburg is also split into different sections identified by specific Williamsburg VA Zip Code. Zip Codes are primarily used to efficiently and correctly send and receive mail. The first number would represent a group of states, beginning with zero on the east coast and ending with nine on the west coast. The second and third numbers would identify to which regional center facility the mail should be delivered in that particular region. Each neighborhood belongs to a specific zip code for easier identification. Here are some of the various Williamsburg ZIP code to help you navigate the area conveniently:

  • 23185 ZIP Code – 23185 ZIP code in southeast Virginia has a slightly smaller footprint than the average of all other ZIP codes.
  • 23186 ZIP Code – this area has a very low population density and mainly comprises rural land.
  • 23188 ZIP Code – Most of the 23188 ZIP code population lives in James City County. Some parts of the 23188 zip code are situated in York County.
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Williamsburg, Virginia Attractions

Williamsburg, VA is home to different exciting places to visit and explore. These are some of the best city tours you can experience in the area. You can quickly get to every destination by entering the zip code Williamsburg VA where the facility is located.

Williamsburg: Haunted Ghosts, Witches, and Pirates Tour – Learn about the ghosts, witches, and pirates of Williamsburg with the help of your 18th-century costume manual. Experience the ghosts of Colonial Williamsburg’s past and present in this audio tour.

Williamsburg: Guided Food Tour with Tastings – Join this guided walking tour to taste Williamsburg. Sample seven Williamsburg treats, from deli food to elegant sweets.

Williamsburg: Busch Gardens Ticket & Water Country Option – Visit the world’s most beautiful amusement park, ride thrilling roller coasters, view family-friendly shows, and dine at top restaurants.

Colonial Williamsburg: Colonial History Guided Walking Tour – Take a guided tour around Colonial Williamsburg and experience what it was like to walk in the shoes of early Americans.

Colonial Williamsburg: Booze and Boos Haunted Pub Crawl – Sit back, relax, and learn about the darker side of American history on this 1.2-mile stroll through Colonial Williamsburg’s most haunted bars and locations.

Williamsburg, Virginia: Its Advantages and Disadvantages

Locals greatly enjoy many perks of living in the city, categorized by different Williamsburg Zip Code that represent specific locations in the area. Before you move into the region, here are some pros and cons of living in Williamsburg, VA.


Safe City
Williamsburg is safer than nearby cities. High armed personnel and community spirit reduce crime. Williamsburg is great for families seeking protection.

Good Education Opportunities
The public schools of Williamsburg, Virginia, are widely regarded as among the best in the state.

Good Transportation System
Williamsburg, Virginia, has good public transit. However, public transit may be limited to city borders.


Limited Public Transportation
Moving to Williamsburg, Virginia, requires a car. Public transit in busy areas may take you only to some places. Plan your regular commute before moving.

Traffic Congestion
Williamsburg’s peak-hour traffic is chaotic. Especially at the start and end of the workday and during military post-shift changes. Traveling at busy hours requires extra time or a detour.

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