Lucky’s Clark

Lucky’s Clark – A Rising Attraction

The relatively new burger and milkshake place, Lucky’s Clark, is not just your average burger spot— it is the perfect place to enjoy burgers, hot dogs, fries, and milkshakes with families or friends! Damian Walsh, Charles Campisi, and Natalie Deo own the restaurant and opened it in 2019 at Raritan Road, offering a spin on all favorite mixes of fast foods. Lucky’s restaurant gives off an enthusiastic carnival, urban-vibe space adorned with bright orange colors and graffiti photos, which Deo designed herself. What sets them apart from other burger and shake places is Lucky’s hamburgers are handcrafted; they make fries and cut them fresh daily, and the second popular item, their milkshake, is unique and provides homemade toppings. With excellent menus to offer on the plate, it is no wonder why Lucky’s is crazy busy accommodating their customers, where most have learned about them through word-of-mouth and social media. Not to mention, many of them are already becoming repeat customers as they share photos and tell their friends about Lucky’s excellent menus!

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Glimpse to Lucky’s Mouthwatering Menu

Lucky’s menu includes gourmet burgers, hand-cut fries, hot dogs, and specialty milkshakes. The tasty, juicy burgers with so many textures and flavors are a bomb: Mushroom Burgers, BBQ Burger, or Garbage Burger with a side of Disco fries are the must-have when eating at Lucky’s Clark. Customers have also loved the sweet-and-savory fare all-beef Brunch Burger topped with cheddar, a fried egg, and Taylor ham or bacon. Their specialty milkshakes also come in different flavors, including a unicorn shake with a strawberry base, a salted pretzel Nutella fudge shake, a thin mint one, an edible cookie dough shake, and a banana split. The Cookies and Cream or Peanut Butter milkshakes are the best-selling ones. Deo created the whimsical shakes and said most of the toppings are homemade, including the homemade Nutella fudge with sea salt. She also makes colorful unicorn bark, edible cookie dough, and thin mint cookies from scratch. The popular ones on their menu for hotdogs are the Tater Tot Dog, Southern Dog, or the classic NY Dog with tater tots, cheddar, chopped bacon, and sriracha mustard. The lighter side of the menu offers salads. Lucky’s Balsamic salad is also a crowd favorite.

The Journey and Inspirations in Creating Lucky’s Clark

The idea for Lucky Burger Shack was born out of the engagement of the three owners, Damian Walsh, Natalie Deo, and Charles Campisi, and their shared desire to return to the food industry. On one of their dates, Natalie and Damian went to Black Tap, a tiny, busy restaurant with a laid-back urban ambiance they both adored. After Damian glanced around the place and told Natalie they could build something similar around their area. Lucky’s was born a year and a half later! Where did the name Lucky’s originate? The restaurant’s founders were mulling over different names since they were unsure what to call the place. Then a representative provided them with a great number, 908-276-7777, when Natalie contacted to set up the phone number. Damian, who likes to play poker, gets an idea and suggests naming the place Lucky’s.

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