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Knowing about the cost of living when moving to Canada is essential to maintain a good quality of life, and among its cities, the living cost Calgary offers affordable living. It is the second lowest and is more affordable than many prominent North American cities. It also falls very much in line with living costs in other major Canadian metro areas, including Toronto and Vancouver. In fact, it is ahead of the said metro areas when it comes to being the most livable city. Calgary is a bustling and vibrant urban center boasting a glorious skyline surrounded by vast nature. The city is Canada’s oil industry’s commercial and industrial hub and features a well-developed business district. Other businesses also operate in Calgary, including those related to the financial sector, the film and television industry, transportation and logistics, technology, manufacturing, aerospace, healthcare, retail, tourism, and the energy sector. Considering how it thrives as a city, the cost of living in Calgary varies. Expenses can differ significantly depending on your choices or tends to fluctuate according to how well the economy performs.

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Cost of Living in Calgary

Despite being the financial capital of Western Canada, Calgary has the lowest cost of living and the most affordable real estate market in North America. With a 5% GST and no sales tax policy, Calgary cost of living index is only 73.95, making life even more affordable. An average Calgary household spends $168 per week on groceries. For a house with three to four bedrooms, the average monthly costs for heating and electricity range from $250 to 350, while waste removal, sewage, and water are typically charged between $70 and $110. Regarding transportation, a monthly pass costs $103, while a single bus ticket costs roughly $3.30. An alternative is to take an Uber, which costs $2.30 for the base fare, $0.17 per minute, and $0.90 per kilometer. Housing costs fluctuate, but they are still less expensive. Studio apartments cost between $750 and $1000. When purchasing a house, you can expect between $200,000 and $1 million. A health plan covers many medical services, saving you money. Depending on the activity, the cost of sports and recreation can be relatively low. The price range for a publicly run fitness facility with swimming is $6 to $8.

About Calgary, Canada

Nestled in the province of Alberta, the metropolitan city of Calgary is one of Canada’s wealthiest, cleanest, and most liveable cities. It sits on foothills and prairie about east of the front ranges of the Canadian Rockies, where the Bow River meets the Elbow River in the south of the province. It has a growing economy and very vibrant art scenes. Besides the affordable cost of living in Calgary, the city also offers many things to enjoy. The lifestyle of Calgary is quite laid-back and focuses more on outdoor recreation rather than urban entertainment. In the winter, Calgarians engage in various outdoor activities, including skiing and snowboarding, and in the summer, they enjoy the city’s stunning surroundings and thrilling outdoor sports. It is also in a location that is near Edmonton, the US border, and the Glacier National Park of Canada. These places have a lot of establishments and amazing attractions for tourists and visitors, such as the water park and shopping centers. Considering Calgary among the options is worth it when looking for a new place since it is a growing city with lots to offer.

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