Forest Hill Extension

The Lovely Community of Forest Hill Extension in San Francisco, CA

A tranquil and attractive hamlet, Forest Hill Extension is located adjacent to Forest Hill San Francisco, a master-planned community situated towards the heart of the city, tucked to the southeast of the Inner Sunset and the northeast of the West Portal. The West Portal Forest Hill community is a quaint suburb that offers all of the amenities that come with living in a city, making it an attractive community for families. The community of West Portal Forest Hill is considered a suburb. Yet, it offers all amenities similar to living in a city, making it an appealing location for families. Meanwhile, Forest Hill Extension is also considered one of the most desirable places in the entire San Francisco area, where residents are known for being welcoming and kind to one another. The community sometimes referred to as Laguna Honda, is nestled on the southern segment of Dewey Boulevard. The name “Laguna Honda” translates to “deep lagoon” in Spanish. It is likely named after the Laguna Honda Reservoir, which can be found at the junction of Clarendon Avenue and Laguna Honda Boulevard near the neighborhood.

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History of Forest Hill Extension

The family of Adolph Sutro sold Forest Hill to a private company. In 1912, the groundbreaking for constructing and developing the neighborhood’s first homes began. It was always intended for Forest Hill San Francisco to be, and it has always been openly marketed as being a racially-isolated enclave for white people who are financially fortunate. Forest Hill is reserved exclusively for families willing to invest in homes costing at least one million dollars. Purchasing a real estate property in Forest Hill offers the peace of mind of knowing that your investment, home, and family are shielded from unpleasant features and undesirable neighbors.

Features and Attributes

Because they were designed to accommodate horses and carriages when Forest Hill was first developed, the community’s roadways are particularly broad. The width and gradient of the streets in Forest Hill did not meet the requirements set forth by the city and were not initially approved until 1978. Landscape architect Mark Daniels devised the master plan for Forest Hill, featuring remarkable homes and a neighborhood clubhouse furnished by California Arts and Crafts Movement designer Bernard Maybeck. In addition, Harold G. Stoner was also a significant contributor to the architectural character of the community by designing multiple homes for Lang Realty’s various construction projects. Forest Hill San Francisco is well-known for its stately single-family houses built in various architectural styles and its picturesque tree-lined streets that provide shade for each home. It is the perfect neighborhood for families, animal lovers, and people who enjoy being outside because there are several parks in the surrounding area. Locals can take advantage of all the city’s amenities available nearby. Well-known dining establishments, coffee shops, specialized shops, and even a tiny movie theater are only a short distance from the community.

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