Homes for Sale in Somerville MA

A Walkthrough of Lovely Homes for Sale in Somerville MA

Plenty of stunning homes for sale in Somerville MA can be found in several city squares, which is what the city is known for. Somerville is famous for the vast array of squares that dot the landscape, each serving as a boundary marker for the surrounding neighborhoods while simultaneously housing thriving commercial districts and entertainment hubs. Somerville was the last of Mystic Valley towns to break away from the ancient Charlestown colony. Captain Richard Somers, a hero of the Tripolitan-American War, is rumored to be the idea and inspiration for the city’s name during its development in 1842. The Boston Globe recognized Somerville as having the best administration in the state of Massachusetts in the year 2006. The construction of homes and the adoption of many architectural styles that peaked in the late 19th and early 20th centuries have inspired many residential communities across the city. Vibrant neighborhoods have flourished, and a bustling commercial hub with several shops, bars, and restaurants has emerged in Somerville throughout the years.

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What Comprises Homes for Sale in Somerville MA

Rather than being clustered in one main commercial center, Somerville’s central business district is dispersed across several smaller commercial nodes and corridors. This spatial organization is a direct result of the historical impact of rail and streetcar networks, which encouraged the growth of commerce near their stations. Somerville’s many hills dictated the locations of road networks, making it possible for new local businesses to open.

Many communities revolve around the city’s many public squares where gorgeous houses for sale Somerville MA can be discovered. Here is the list of squares that make up Somerville:

  • Assembly Square
  • Ball Square
  • Brickbottom
  • Clarendon Hill
  • Davis Square
  • Duck Village
  • East Somerville
  • Gilman Square
  • Inner Belt District
  • Magoun Square
  • Nunnery Grounds
  • Powder House Square
  • Prospect Hill
  • Spring Hill
  • The States
  • Teele Square
  • Ten Hills
  • Tufts
  • Union Square
  • Wilson Square
  • Winter Hill

The areas of Davis Square, Union Square, Ball Square, Teele Square, and Magoun Square are some of the busiest places in the city. Other well-known city squares in Somerville include Assembly Square, which is more commercial and convenient to major highways. Meanwhile, Davis Square is known for its exciting nightlife, live music, and theaters.

Know More About Union Square

Union Square is the oldest and largest business district in Somerville, being an urban center with a wide assortment of businesses, including shops, cafes, and restaurants. Union Square is well-known not only for its extensive commercial sector but also for its quality residential alternatives. The square’s housing market is highly varied, with a wide range of options for buyers. Union Square is also home to some of the best condos for sale in Somerville, MA, and several other types of housing, including lovely single-family residences, apartments, and multi-unit properties. Charming representations of Colonial and New England architectural styles can be found in several homes in the city. Most homes for sale in Somerville MA located in Union Square feature facades with distinctive design elements such as wood panel walls, wide framed windows, modest patios, ornately carved roofs, and vibrant paint colors. People interested in moving into a neighborhood that greatly adapts to changes from time to time will love Union Square!

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