Harpers Mill Homes for Sale and All The Things To Do There

Harpers Mill Homes For Sale And All The Things To Do There

Travel 4 miles west of Route 288 intersection with Hull Street Road, then turn left toward Otterdale Road. You can then follow Otterdale Road to the many Harpers Mill homes for sale. Harpers Mill is a community just 20 miles southward of downtown Richmond. Here you can enjoy all the amenities and attractions you love in the city while being surrounded by some of the most popular shopping spots in the region. You can go far from Harpers Mill to find shops like Kroger, Publix, and Aldi. There are also home stores and boutiques that are nearby. The best thing about Harpers Mill homes for sale is that it’s close to lots of different restaurants. You can walk and find some new places, or you can take a car downtown and try out the foodie scene. Either way, living in Harpers Mill means you’ll always be able to enjoy yourself.

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Green Spaces Around Harpers Mill Properties For Sale

Surrounding homes for sale, Harpers Mill has plenty of greenery. The development has roughly 240 acres of parks, open spaces, and a trail system. The central place in Harpers Mill is a 10.5-acre facility that’s available to everyone who lives there. It has a pool and a clubhouse, where you can make new friends or hang out with your old ones. The clubhouse has lots of fun things to do. There are many indoor and outdoor spaces, and residents can use them for many things like parties or meetings. On the other hand, you can also meet up with your neighbors and have playdates. You can watch your kids’ imaginations go wild when they play in the Hobbit World Playground. In addition, residents can use the sports field for soccer or football. It has stadium lights and is regulation size, so it’s suitable for games. Moreover, Harpers Mill offers a variety of scenic trails for hikers, runners, and cyclists to enjoy. The 5+ mile paved trails vary in size from 9ft to 6ft wide throughout the community.

Harpers Mill Clubhouse

The centerpiece of amenities in the community is the Harpers Mill Clubhouse. Courtney Ludeman Interiors vamped up the exterior and interiors of the facility. That is to say, the clubhouse and pool are in a grove of beautiful pines. The exterior finishes reflect the tranquility of the clubhouse. On the other hand, the interior has surprises in the form of a flurry of colors and textures. The clubhouse’s design includes a large meeting room, two bars, and a kitchen for all residents. The pool cabana, the pool baths, and other areas have accessibility in mind by following accessibility codes. Interior designers chose the finishings so they would be smooth. Safety features include grab bars and a deck. Residents will have the opportunity to build relationships in this beautifully decorated space. Meanwhile, the pool is fun for kids and adults. There’s a giant water slide and a splash pad, too. It’s perfect for cool evenings or to beat the heat. Kids can play under a tree on one side, while adults can relax with cocktails on the other side of the pool, and everyone enjoys plenty of lounge chairs and benches.

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