Westfield Memorial Pool

Westfield Memorial Pool: Major Features

Westfield Memorial Pool opted to remodel its splash pad after five years of enjoying Life Floor to create a significant feature at their state-of-the-art facility. The city’s primary goals were to revitalize the space to increase membership sign-ups and provide a lovely setting in which families could share experiences on social media. The Westfield splash pad now has a colorful, one-of-a-kind octopus design that directs youngsters through splash features and into the facility’s zero-depth leisure pool thanks to a collaboration with the Life Floor’s Studio. The city was especially impressed with Life Floor’s new Ripple 2.0 texture, which allows for more active slide resistance: ideal for a hot summer day racing through a cold splash pad. Westfield Memorial Pool also provides classes, activities, food concessions, picnic tables, fitness areas, and tennis courts.

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Surrounding Area Pools Westfield NJ

Cranford Swim Club: Township has two public pools, with memberships available to residents and nonresidents. The Cranford swim Club is private and is located at County Park Dr,cranford, NJ 07016. Orange Avenue Pool is situated on the north side of town at 1025 Orange Ave., and Centennial Avenue Pool, which also has an indoor pool and fitness center, is located on the city’s south side at 401 Centennial Ave. Cranford Town Pools’ Website

Memorial Pool Westfield NJ: the public pool is located at 713 Cumberland St., and membership is available to both residents and nonresidents.

Scotch Plains: has privately owned swim clubs. Willow Grove Swim Club is already on Evelyn Street, Willow Grove Swim Club Website, and Highland Swimming Club is just off South Martine Avenue. Website of the Highland Swim Club.

Clark: Memberships are available to residents and nonresidents at the Clark Community Pool at 201 Oak Ridge Road. Website for the Clark Community Pool. The stunning Gran Centurians Swim Club, located at 440 Madison Hill Road, is a private swim club. The Website of the Gran Centurians Pool.


New Rates

The Westfield Memorial Pool, including Cranford Swim Club rates, changes with the season. Six of the seven rates have steadily increased, while the rates for seniors have remained unchanged. Individual rates for Westfield residents have increased from $195 to $199, with couples with a parent and a child under 18 paying $440, up from $420. Residents with a family of six or more who employ an adult childcare worker pay the highest rate of $630, up $30 from 2021 for a family of five or more members. A family of five or fewer with childcare will pay $545, an increase from $520 in 2021 rates for a family of four. Individual rates for nonresidents have increased from $380 to $385, with families of five or more paying $824, a $25 increase from the previous year, and families of four or less paying $722, a $20 increase from last year.

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