West Riverfront Tampa

The West Riverfront Tampa Neighborhood

What’s not to love at West Riverfront Tampa when it gives you easy access to the downtown area? The city’s location is convenient enough to be within arm’s reach of all the world-class amenities of the Sunshine State. With the state’s population of about 390,000, many people want to explore homes for sale in West Riverfront Tampa FL, due to the desirable lifestyle this region offers.

Living in West Riverfront Tampa offers locals an urban feel. Its exceptional location will take you to the central district in less than five minutes. It provides the advantage of being near city parks and public transportation while being close and a short distance from the countryside. Residents can enjoy diverse attractions, amenities, nightlife, or beach days. The real estate inventory features upscale facilities such as high-end home appliances, landscaped yards, and stunning architectural designs.

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West Riverfront Tampa Climate You’ll Love

Nestled within the Sunshine State, West Riverfront Tampa FL homes experience a warm, subtropical, and most often humid climate. It has two distinct seasons: hot and dry or cool. The hot season lasts longer, approximately 4.9 months, starting from May to early October. The average daily high temperature is above 86°F. July is the hottest month of the year in Tampa. The cool season lasts less than three months, usually from December to February. Tampa’s coldest month is January, with an average low of 52°F.

On average, Tampa has 246 sunny days per year, while the US average sits at 205. A visit to the Busch Gardens or Ybor City will be even more fun and satisfying with bright clear skies. Rainless days are the best times to visit this area for general outdoor activities. Come to see all the beautiful sights in Tampa from late February to early May and from mid-October to early December to maximize this city’s most pleasing temperatures.

Top Restaurants to Visit in Tampa Florida

“Any good pizzeria knows that you’re only as good as your plain slice: Everything else builds off of that.” – this is Santoro’s Pizzeria’s confident tagline. Travis Kaiser, owner, and operator of Santoro’s, described their food as an authentic Italian American Pizzeria with a touch of Central Jersey. Growing up in NJ and spending his childhood summer vacation working in a pizzeria turned into his own “Jersey Style Pizza.” The restaurant’s menu is pretty straightforward. Savor their customizable pizza, specialty pies, or hearty sandwiches.

Sarge’s Smokehouse BBQ is a Veteran-owned business that got its inspiration from trying the best barbeque dishes around the country during their service. Follow the smoky aroma and smack on their unique version of southern barbeque from their food truck or at Cass Street Food Hall on weekends. They have solid side dishes and unique sauces best paired with their signature smoky and meaty bbq.

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