Things to do in Pasadena California

Things to do in Pasadena, California

Pasadena is the ideal getaway due to its ancient architecture, lush surroundings, and abundant natural light, thanks to the California sun. The city is a haven from the bustle of Los Angeles proper, only 10 miles away, thanks to its location at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains. Since its establishment in 1886, the city has been known for more than only its historical landmarks. Vacation destinations such as gardens, galleries, theaters, and more are abundant. The town is famous for the annual Tournament of Roses parade and the Rose Bowl football game between powerhouse teams from the Midwest and the West Coast. The city is also a hub for innovation and creative industries. Its proximity to several pristine wilderness areas means plenty of things to do in Pasadena California, such as hiking, rock climbing, and animal photography, are all within easy reach. In a single day, you can go hiking up Echo Mountain, window shop down Colorado Boulevard, and see historic homes from the turn of the last century. Whether you have a day or a weekend to explore Pasadena, take advantage of these things to do in Pasadena California.

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Attractions around Pasadena, California

We’ve compiled a list of attractions to visit in Pasadena and things to do near Pasadena so you can enjoy your time in this beautiful city.

  • The Rose Bowl: The Rose Bowl in Pasadena is one of the most well-known college football stadiums in the United States. Several events, such as concerts, festivals, and tours, are held at the stadium when not used for a game. Its location on Rose Bowl Drive in Pasadena is ideal, as it puts visitors close to many of the city’s top sights.
  • Historic Old Pasadena: Old Pasadena offers a wide variety of dining, shopping, and sightseeing opportunities in addition to its many museums and art galleries. Several annual events in the region’s cultural centers attract visitors from all over the United States interested in music, gastronomy, wine, and the arts.
  • Eaton Canyon Nature Center: located at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains, Eaton Canyon is a popular destination for individuals who want to spend time in nature without going too far. A multitude of native plant and wild animal species call this facility home, and the site itself offers a visitor’s center with interactive exhibits and live animals.


What to do in Pasadena

Planning what to do in Pasadena today can be overwhelming with all the places you can choose from. Here are some things to do in Pasadena California:

  • See a Movie at iPic Theater: If you’ve never seen a movie while relaxing in plush leather lie-back seats and eating a nice meal, you’re missing out. Movie tickets, excellent seats, sell out quickly, so plan early.
  • Visit Pasadena City Hall: At Old Pasadena, you must see Pasadena City Hall. Even though there is stunning architecture all across Pasadena, this structure stands out as a must-see. Courtyard of Pasadena City Hall, with its central fountain and entrance leading to the courtyard. The interior courtyard is well worth a visit.
  • Spend the Afternoon at the Simon Norton Museum: See one of Pasadena’s best-kept secrets at the Simon Norton Museum. The space may be limited, but the museum’s collection of works is impressive. You wouldn’t know a gorgeous garden encircled the museum from the outside. It’s a great place to escape it all on a sunny day.

You can find various enjoyable activities in Pasadena that will appeal to your particular tastes. Visit if any of the above interests you. We are happy to help you organize your next big vacation!