Taste The Top Restaurants Foster City Can Offer

Seafood Feasts You Can’t Miss in Foster City Restaurants

Foster City is a picturesque coastal city on the San Francisco Bay, known for its fresh seafood and scenic views. It is ideal for fishing and seafood harvesting due to its 223 acres of waterways and 13 miles of shoreline. With its commitment to sustainability and responsible harvesting practices, Foster City restaurants are the perfect place to savor the flavors of the ocean while relishing incredible vistas of the Bay.

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California Fish Grill

Each dish at California Fish Grill is a testament to responsible harvesting. This restaurant in Foster City upholds sustainability by serving seafood Eco-Certified by a third party or rated Best Choice or Good Alternative by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch® program. Wild-caught fish are procured through the least invasive methods, ensuring the delicate ecosystem remains unharmed while avoiding the capture of unintended species.

With this dedication, only the best make it to your plate, from the grilled perfection of Atlantic Salmon to the flavorful Mahi-Mahi, the Louisiana Delta Catfish, and the irresistible Poke Bowls. For those who savor the crispy delights of the sea, try their fried versions with a batter that’s an art form in itself. Imagine the crunch of perfectly cooked fish and chips, a symphony of textures that dance on your taste buds. And it doesn’t stop there. The menu also includes salads, tacos, and sandwiches, all celebrating the bounty of the sea.

Warehouse Buffet

Warehouse Buffet, nestled in Foster City, beckons you to a dining experience where the view is as appetizing as the menu. With an expansive location overseeing the serene lagoon, your seafood feast comes with breathtaking visuals, turning every meal into a sensory delight.

The comforting embrace of hotpot takes center stage. Picture a steaming pot bubbling with the finest ingredients – shrimp, lobster balls, fish fillet, clams, mussels, and squid – all immersed in various soul-warming soup bases. It’s not just a meal; it’s a communal experience where flavors mingle and conversations flow, creating memories as warm as the pot itself. It further elevates the seafood dining experience with sushi rolls and sashimi.

Foster City’s Coziest Spots for You and Your Dog

Some of Foster City’s restaurants are perfect for dog owners who love to bring their furry friends. These spots offer a unique experience where you can enjoy some fresh air, scenic views, and the company of your beloved pet. It’s a great way to socialize your dog and meet other dog owners. So, if you’re looking for a fun day out with your furry friend, check these spots out!

Waterfront Pizza

Nestled along the shimmering waters, Waterfront Pizza is a testament to Foster City’s unique charm. This dog-friendly haven offers a cozy patio right on the water, creating an atmosphere where you and your furry friend can unwind. While the main entrance might be for humans, the back entrance welcomes patrons with pets, ensuring everyone can savor the Mediterranean delights on the menu. It perfectly blends scenic serenity and culinary satisfaction, from mouthwatering pizzas to enjoying hookah pipes.

Sweet Basil

This dog-friendly establishment beckons locals and tourists alike to relish its flavorful offerings while enjoying the company of their four-legged friends. With ten outdoor seats designed to accommodate humans and their furry companions, Sweet Basil is a haven for those who believe that good food is best enjoyed in the company of loved ones – even if those loved ones have fur and wagging tails. Try the Crispy Spring Rolls, a treat for the palate for you and a chance for Fido to savor the delightful scents.

Starbucks on Metro Center Boulevard

Starbucks, a name synonymous with coffee culture, opens its doors (and patios) to the canine community in Foster City. Located on Metro Center Boulevard, this dog-friendly spot offers a delightful array of caffeine-based drinks, teas, and cold brews. Don’t forget to ask for a Puppuccino – a delightful, canine-friendly concoction that turns your coffee run into a shared experience. With inviting seating options, Starbucks becomes a hub for socializing, caffeinating, and enjoying the company of your loyal companion.

The love for good food and the joy of spending time with your dog go hand in paw. So, leash up your pup and explore these cozy corners in Foster City, where culinary delights and canine companionship come together.

Global Dishes in Foster City, CA

Foster, a culinary melting pot on the Bay, is witnessing a delightful culinary evolution. With various cuisines catering to different tastes, this coastal city always has something new to try. Here are some noteworthy dishes that are inspired by various cultural influences.

1. Lobster Roll

The classic New England-style Lobster Roll is a dish enjoyed in coastal areas for generations. The inspiration comes from the abundance of fresh seafood in the area. It typically features succulent chunks of fresh lobster seasoned with lemon and herbs, served on a buttery bun.

2. Brisket Tacos

This dish combines the traditional Mexican flavors with the slow-cooked, tender beef brisket. The meat is typically served on warm corn tortillas with fresh onions, cilantro, and a drizzle of salsa.

3. Chicken Katsu Curry

Chicken Katsu Curry is a Japanese dish fusion of Japanese and Indian curry. It comprises a crispy chicken cutlet served over rice with rich and savory curry sauce. The inspiration comes from the British influence on Japanese cuisine during the 19th century.

4. Plant-Based Burgers

The plant-based burger looks and tastes like a traditional beef burger. It results from the growing trend of plant-based diets and a desire to create a more sustainable food industry. The patty is made with a blend of soy and potato proteins and is served with all the classic toppings.

5. Matcha Latte

This green tea powder has become popular recently. Matcha Lattes are a creamy and frothy beverage made with steamed milk and matcha powder. It comes from the traditional Japanese tea ceremony and the growing popularity of tea-based drinks worldwide.

7. Vegan Poke Bowl

This Hawaiian-inspired food typically features raw fish, rice, and a variety of vegetables. The Vegan Poke Bowl is a plant-based version of this dish made with marinated tofu, edamame, avocado, and various fresh vegetables.

In conclusion, Foster City’s culinary scene is diverse and inspired by various cultural influences. Whether you’re in the mood for seafood, Mexican, Japanese, or something else, there is always something new to try in this vibrant city.

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