Is Arcadia A Good Place to Live

Find Out Why Arcadia Is A Good Place to Live

The most livable cities have top-rated public health care, education, housing, and public transportation systems, and Arcadia proudly covers them all. It is home to highly regarded institutions and developing projects that make Arcadia a good place to live. The diverse range of communities benefits from U.S.C. Arcadia Hospital, an award-winning facility delivering excellent stroke care, joint and knee replacement, weight loss surgery services, heart care, and more. The area is served by Arcadia Unified School District, whose all 11 schools are National Blue Ribbon or C.A. Distinguished. It has been ranked in the top 1% of best school districts in America by Niche and among the top 1% with the best instructors nationwide. This upper-middle-class municipality also harmoniously balances its residential character with its thriving economic development. The downtown area and surrounding locales all have growing businesses. Westfield Santa Anita and Santa Anita Race Track are the most renowned establishments, bringing plenty of recreational and job opportunities for the locals. Arcadia has everything that supports a well-rounded lifestyle.


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The Best Communities That Make Arcadia A Good Place to Live

If you love the city’s “full-service” government with complete amenities, you’ll also love the exceptional neighborhoods that make up its vibrant residential nature. Arcadia’s gated communities provide an unparalleled sense of security and exclusivity. They offer peace of mind, knowing your family and property are protected. They often feature beautifully landscaped grounds, private amenities like pools and fitness centers, and controlled access for enhanced privacy. Residents can enjoy a tight-knit connection while relishing the comfort of a safe and secure environment. The equestrian subdivisions provide an idyllic retreat for horse lovers to indulge in their passion. They typically feature spacious properties with ample land for horses, riding trails, equestrian centers, and of course, proximity to the renowned Santa Anita Park. For resort-style living, you can consider golf villages which often feature championship courses designed by famous architects, meticulously landscaped grounds, clubhouse amenities, and social activities.


A Closer Look at Arcadia’s Premier Neighborhoods

Now that you know your options for living your best life in Arcadia, we’ll drill down some of the best neighborhoods. Their charm lies in beautiful residential homes, ranging from cozy single-family houses to luxurious estates. Each subdivision captures the essence of suburban living, providing residents with spacious yards and ample green spaces, perfect for outdoor activities and enjoying the mild Southern California climate. Santa Anita Park has some of the best recreational areas, like Arcadia Park and Santa Anita Golf Course. Baldwin Stocker has easy access to top-rated schools, Vista Monte and Highland Oaks are ideal for those who love spending time outdoors, and Lower Rancho presents incredible views of the San Gabriel Mountains and Mount Wilson. Find the one that truly caters to your needs and aspirations, knowing that these premier neighborhoods provide a peaceful and inviting environment to thrive.


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