Iowa Cost of Living Index

Iowa Cost of Living Index: An Ideal Place

The Iowa Cost of Living Index, located in the state’s northwest corner, has long drawn outdoor enthusiasts from all over the United States and further away from the city. Accommodation services range from charming B&Bs to the funky, group-oriented hotel industry to suit various tastes and finances. Many of Okoboji’s most desirable accommodations are close to the lake and the town’s main road, making them ideal for discovering. Most Iowa Cost of Living Index visitors come to explore its five vast, interrelated lakes: West Lake Okoboji, East Lake Okoboji, Upper Gar, Lower Gar, and Minnewashta. The massive Spirit Lake is indeed close by. Spend your time swimming in the wild, sailing, catching fish, or white water rafting. Lakeside events, eateries, and old-fashioned amusement parks are also nearby, making it ideal for fun-filled family trips. Explore the Iowa Great Lakes Maritime Museum to learn more about the region’s history.

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Living Cost in Iowa

Okoboji has an Average Living Cost in Iowa Index of 102.2, which means it is 2.2% more expensive to reside in Okoboji compared to the rest of the country. That is a relatively minor increase in the cost of living, especially compared to other resort areas. The price of living performance indicators is based on a 100-point scale in the United States. A value less than 100 indicates that Okoboji is less expensive than the national average. Okoboji, Iowa, is more costly if the cost of living index exceeds 100. Healthcare is among the significant factors in the cost of living. Okoboji’s healthcare system is of high quality, with several hospitals serving the city and the nearby area. The average healthcare cost is 122.8, which is 1.3% greater than the Iowa average. Okoboji’s median home price is Real Estate: $347,200. Home acknowledgment has averaged 3.8% over the last ten years.

Iowa Real Estate Information

One of the Iowa Housing Costs most expensive for any family is housing. The median home price in Okoboji is $340,200, which is significantly greater than the Iowa median home price of $162,000 and the national median home price of $273,992. However, keep in mind that Okoboji is a beach resort, which can cause the median home price to skyrocket. Because housing is in high demand, costs are higher compared to other areas of the state. Renting can be a less expensive alternative to buying a home. Okoboji has a renter rate of 17.80%, which is lower than the national renter rate of 36.2%. Okoboji renters spend $1,045 per month on homes, which is lower than the median wage of $1,023 per month. The cost of transportation can also add significantly to the cost of living. 73.40% of Okoboji travelers drive to work, especially in comparison to 85.5% nationwide.

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