Café Teasia

Coffee,Treats, and Conversation at Café Teasia!

CafeTeasia is at 1 South Ave. East has been under the ownership of Mike Hur for the past two years. When Mike initially became a company owner in Cranford, he knew little about the area but immediately became aware of how family-oriented the community is. A significant help for him has been the encouragement he has received from members of the community as well as proprietors of other businesses. Mike has been brewing bubble tea for the past eight years and adores introducing new people to the beverage. Over 30 unique bubble tea flavors are available at Café Teasia, and a wide selection of coffee beverages, such as ordinary drip coffee, cappuccinos, lattes, affogatos, frozen frappes, and iced coffee. Snow ice, available in mango, strawberry, chocolate, classic, green tea, and black sesame flavors, is another refreshing treat Mike and his team offers customers during the hot summer months. The café recently installed some seating outside, and customers now have the option to either pick up their purchases or have them delivered.


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The Best Beverages in Cafe Teasia

Cafe Teasia offers a variety of delectable selections. Everything is prepared to perfection, and everyone will like it. Here are a handful of the most popular choices among tourists and locals.

  • Snow Ice – Snow ice is a modern spin on a traditional Korean dish. Cafe Teasia’s dessert features a milk-based, airy base layered with syrup and topped with chocolate, cheesecake, ice cream, and fruit, among other sweets. Individual glasses are provided so everyone at the table can dig in and crush everything together.
  • Bubble Tea – For bubble tea lovers, you’ll appreciate that you can pick two flavors to mix and match. There are 265 possible permutations of Café Teasia’s 27 available tastes. However, the customer’s favorite is the passion fruit strawberry or the chocolate-covered strawberry.
  • Coffee – Cafe Teasia serves La Colombe coffee and can prepare various espresso-based beverages, such as latte americanos, affogatos, and cortados. They can also complement your piping-warm beverages with a delectable delicacy from Balthazar Bakery.


Other Activities that You Do in Cranford, New Jersey

In addition to enjoying a menu at Cafe Teasia, Cranford, New Jersey, offers various activities to choose from. Visit the Crane-Phillips House Museum to journey through time. It was established in 1927 by a group of residents of Cranford and is within the Cranford Historical Society. Visitors see the relics collected by locals in Cranford, including vintage photos, Indian artifacts, and several other historical items. Visitors are also attracted to the newly decorated interiors of this restored space. You can also Wander through Nomahegan Park and New Jersey’s McConnell Park’s scenic open areas and natural surroundings. This park is as calm and quiet as it appears, so enjoy a pleasant family picnic or get those hearts racing by running or jogging. So take a break from all the city exploration and spend the day leisurely at this lovely park. End your day with concerts at Cranford Dramatic Club Theatre. The theater produces live musical performances, plays, and family programs with the area’s top talent.


At Cafe Teasia, they have a wide selection of delicious beverages for you to choose from. Please click on the provided link if you want additional information regarding the Cafe.